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Vietnamese Typography

Expanding and enriching the quality of Vietnamese typography

Although Vietnamese is based on the Latin alphabet, most typefaces were not designed with Vietnamese subsetting. As a designer with a passion for typography, I often find limited choices for setting type in Vietnamese; therefore, I set out to write this book to help type designers. If they understand Vietnamese’s unique typographic features, they can design their typefaces to support the Vietnamese language. Furthermore, I want to help graphic and web designers using correct Vietnamese typography when their project required Vietnamese writing. The book is aimed at providing insights into the subtle details and nuances of the Vietnamese writing system, that can be used for reference and transferred into practice.

Responsive screenshots

In an effort to reach out to designers around the world, I chose the web as publishing platform. The book is available to read for free at vietnamesetypography.com, but I also designed a print edition.

print book

For the design, I wanted to keep the book consistent in both print and the web. The text face is set in Garamond Premier Pro, designed by Robert Slimbach. The subheads, captions, and UI elements are set in Acumin, also by Slimbach. The print edition was set and designed in Adobe Illustrator. The website was developed using HTML, SCSS and some PHP. The layout is responsive so that the book could be read on any device. Fonts are served through Typekit. Service Worker was installed for offline reading.

A Brief History of Vietnamese Writing

This book was written not only as a final project to complete my MA in Graphic Design at the George Mason University School of Arts, but also to fulfill my personal goal: to expand and enrich the quality of Vietnamese typography. I am thrilled to share it with you.