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Marrying Vietnamese and jazz

Developing a branding for a record company that produces and promotes Vietnamese music arranged in jazz is a dream project for me. As a jazz listener with Vietnamese music in my blood, I love the marriage between the two distinctive musical landscapes. From signing artists to album concepts to art directions to distributions, Vietjazz involves in every aspect of crafting an experience.

Logo sketches

In the logo development stage, I made hundred of designs. The final logo consists of eight vertical bars, which suggested the piano keys. The slight tilting and offsetting of each bar conveys spontaneity. All the bars are in blue expect for the green accent on the letter “j” to signify syncopation.

Final logo

Once the logo was established, I developed the stationery (business card, letterhead and envelope) and applications (website, mobile app, and vinyl album cover).

Stationary Mobile app Website
Vynal record

I also developed the Vietjazz Brand Guidelines and designed a responsive website for it.

Vietjazz Brand Guidelines website