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Typographically Trinh

Showcasing the craft of macrotypography in Vietnamese

Typographically Trinh is an independent project that aims at highlighting Vietnamese macrotypography using my favorite quotes from Trinh Cong Son, whose philosophical lyrics I always find intriguing and inspiring.

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My goal for this project is simple. Each day I pick out a quote from Mr. Trinh’s lyrics and design with my own understanding and interpretation of his words. Below are some of the pieces I have created.

Although Mr. Trinh had written over 600 songs, I only select 100 quotes that speak to me the most. Why 100? I wanted to do #The100DayProject to stay creative.

For technicality, I have all the basic structure (HTML and CSS) set up. I wanted to keep the site as simple as possible to allow me to play with different typefaces. All Vietnamese fonts are served through Google Fonts and Typekit.

To further expanding and enriching the quality of Vietnamese typography, I hope that this project will motivate more type designers to consider extending their fonts to support Vietnamese.