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Scalia Law Sites

Powering the network of Scalia Law Sites with WordPress Multisite

In an effort to provide individual websites for the law school community including admissions, centers, faculty members, and student organizations, I worked with the deans to establish a unified design, collaborated with stakeholders to meet their needs, and partnered with the director of technology services to implement the back-end architecture.

Scalia Law Sites

For the visual elements, we would like to provide each site its own identity while maintaining the Scalia Law branding. On each site, the top hat, which has the school name, and the bottom footer, which has the tagline, are part of the unified brand.

To provide site owners the capability to update thier own content, we implemented WordPress as an easy-to-use CMS and took advantage of its Multisite feature to power a network of sites with one installation.

One of the challenges was to convince each site owner the benefit of having a consistent look and feel across the board. In the initial launch, we had successfully welcomed 26 websites into our network and more to come in the future.