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Scalia Law School

Branding the law school’s new identity and supporting the dean’s new vision: Learn. Challenge. Lead.

In recognition of the $30-million historic gift, the law school was renamed after Justice Antonin Scalia. For the transition, Dean Henry N. Butler entrusted me with the design for the new visual identity. I took the opportunity to simplify and unify the branding for the school. One of the challenges is that the new identity not only has to be distinctive for the law school, but also has to reflect the overall brand of George Mason University.

Welcome banner

Old logo

old logo

The previous logo was designed for the web; therefore, it was not scalable for other media.

New logo

The new logo has to be modern and flexible. I took out the shield and drop shadows to focus on the typography. As demonstrated below, the new logo can be used in various situations and applications.

new logo green new logo white new logo gray new logo green horizontal new logo white horizontal


Since Myriad Pro has been chosen as the university’s primary typeface, we adapted it for the law school. With its extensive font family, Myriad Pro, designed by the Adobe type designers (Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly with Fred Brady and Christopher Slye), can be used in any circumstance.

Myriad Pro


As an in-house web designer and developer, I am in charged of every aspect of the Scalia Law School’s web presence. From responsive design to front-end development to CMS customization, I have the responsibility to improve the site’s performance and enhance the user experience.

Responsive screenshots

In the latest redesign, I worked closely with the senior associate dean, associate dean for library & technology, associate dean for admissions & enrollment management to support the dean’s vision: Learn. Challenge. Lead.

To strengthened the message, I incorporated larger type, richer colors, and bolder visual elements. For typography, Myriad Pro is the only typeface chosen, but its extensive family gave the design tremendous flexibilities. The editorial pages (location, faculty, community, and careers), for example, use heavy weight to integrate typography with photography.

Editorial Design

In addition to the website, I took the lead on designing promotional materials including e-newsletters, print banners, and marketing campaigns. I had the pleasure of designing the tagline.

Learn. Challange. Lead

The tagline sets in Myriad Pro Black Condensed. “Learn” sets in white because white associates with pure. When students come to Scalia Law School their minds are pure and ready to learn. “Challenge” sets in orange because the bright color radiates energy and stimulation. Students are here to learn to to challenge. “Lead” sets in gold because it is the color of success, achievement, and triumph. Students will ready to lead once they go into the real world.


These retractable banner stands were designed to be displayed throughout the school building for inspiring quotes for special events.

Retractable banner stand Retractable banner stand


Associate Dean, Library & Technology at Antonin Scalia Law School, Deborah M. Keene:

Donny recently redesigned the Scalia Law School’s homepage. He gave it a more open, fresh, and contemporary look. Everyone at Scalia Law is impressed with the results, and we believe that the new design better reflects the image of a modern, up-and-coming law school. Donny is a very talented designer who is easy to work with. He listens to our needs and finds the right solutions for us. He has also designed a striking new site for one of our high-profile faculty members, and we are recommending his services to other members of the Scalia Law community. We look forward to continuing to work with Donny in the future.