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Professional Web Typography

Typesetting on the web is fun and rewarding—not intimidating.

Professional Web Typography is a web-based book written part as an independent study for my MA in graphic design program at the George Mason University School of Arts, and part as an experiment in using the web as a self-publishing platform. It is also an opportunity for me to share what I have learned about typesetting for the web.

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When I set out to write this book, I have a specific audience in mind: web designers who want to step up their type game and print designers who want to step up their web game. The combination of the rich history of typography and the evolving of the web technology can be intimidating for beginners; therefore, I wanted to make this book as succinct and as approachable as possible.

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This web-based book was designed using HTML, SCSS, and some PHP. The text face is Adobe Caslon Pro, designed by Carol Twombly. The headings are set in Myriad Pro, designed by Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach with Fred Brady and Christopher Slye. The code demos are set in Source Code Pro, designed by Paul D. Hunt. Fonts are served through Typekit. All visual examples were created using Adobe Illustrator.

Although the purpose of this book is to get a good grade for my independent study, I wanted to take it beyond the boundary of academia. As with most of the projects I have done as a graduate student, I try to apply real-world use cases to them and this book is no exception. I wanted to deliver a quality level of writing that is the best from my ability and deliver a reading experience that is the best the web could offer. I hope you can join me in a journey to explore this craft.