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Dep Designs

Showcasing the beauty in architecture

Dep Designs, an architecture studio based in Maryland, needed a clean, simple, and easy-to-maintain website to showcase and reflect its modern projects.

Responsive screenshots

To showoff Dep designs, the homepage features big, beautiful photography. The portfolio section displays various sizes for each project.

To streamline the update process, we chose Kirby CMS. The client simply prepares the images and uploads them to the server. Kirby takes care of all the automations.

The typeface is set in Impallari Type’s Libre Franklin, which is an interpretation and expansion of the 1912 Morris Fuller Benton classic.

Menu page

What excited me about this project is that I have never done a website for an architecture design studio. Furthermore, Dep, which means beauty in Vietnamese, is founded by two Vietnamese architects. I am proud to work and connect with our Vietnamese-American talents.